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Social-Ecological Research (SOEF)

Social-Ecological Research (SOEF) - Teaserfoto

Social-ecological Research aims to develop strategies in order to solve social sustainability issues connecting ecological transformation of the society with social justice and economic demands.

What has to happen to get consumers to apply their knowledge on sustainable consumption to their everyday shopping habits? Which population groups are most affected by the consequences of anthropogenic climate change and the necessary adaptation strategies? Does the withdrawal of the public sector from the fields of water, electricity and gas supply harbour risks with regard to social justice and environmental protection, or does it open up more scope for sustainable action?

The "Social-Ecological Research" funding priority is characterized by the interdisciplinary pooling of knowledge to provide scientific contributions to solving concrete social problems of sustainability. As a rule, this requires interdisciplinary cooperation between researchers in the natural and the social sciences. As these are problems of everyday life, research must look beyond the science system and take into account the expert knowledge which exists in practice (transdisciplinarity). All societal stakeholders – consumers, municipalities, companies and civil society – are therefore involved in the research process in different ways. The objective is sustainable development, i.e. the ecological modernization of society without neglecting mankind’s desire for social justice and prosperity. This is a highly complex task which is at the top of the Federal Government's research agenda.


  • Social Dimensions of Climate Change and Climate Protection - Teaserfoto
    Funding Measure

    Social Dimensions of Climate Change and Climate Protection

    The topic "Social Dimensions of Climate Change and Climate Protection" addresses an area of social concern that is hugely topical. To this end, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding 12 projects. more
    (URL: /en/9874)
  • Sustainable Consumption - Teaserfoto
    Funding Measure

    Sustainable Consumption

    Sustainable consumption is a societal issue which has continually grown in importance on the political agenda in the last few years. SÖF aims at identifying and analysing the constraints that conflict this implementation of knowledge into action. more
    (URL: /en/9876)
  • Junior Research Groups - Teaserfoto
    Funding Measure

    Junior Research Groups

    Targeted funding of thematic, interdisciplinary junior research groups opens up the opportunity for young researchers to acquire additional academic qualification in the field of inter- and transdisciplinary research. more
    (URL: /en/9880)
  • Transformation of the Energy System - Teaserfoto
    Funding Measure

    Transformation of the Energy System (translation will be available soon)

    BMBF is funding 33 research projects beginning in 2013 to support the energy transformation in Germany. These projects will investigate sustainable solutions to manage the transformation of the energy system in an environmentally friendly and socially acceptable way... more
    (URL: /en/15980)
  • Funding Measure

    Completed Funding Measures (translation will be available soon)

    (URL: /en/15981)

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  • Social ecological Research. Framework Concept 2007 - 2010.

    Social ecological Research. Framework Concept 2007 - 2010.
    PT DLR, 38 pages
    Download 855 KB

  • Climate Protection Demands Action

    Climate Protection Demands Action
    BMBF, 40 pages
    Download 3,46 MB

  • Understanding – Evaluating – Shaping

    Understanding – Evaluating – Shaping
    SÖF, 11 pages
    Download 544 KB

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