The target of funding under the “CLIENT II – International Partnerships for Sustainable Innovations” programme is to support international partnerships in the areas of climate, environment and energy. The programme plays a significant role in the implementation of the “Research for Sustainable Development (FONA³)” framework programme. The “CLIENT II“ funding programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports the international research and development projects of commercial companies, higher education institutions, non-university research institutions, as well as municipal and Land institutions and relevant associations headquartered in Germany. The foreign project partners from selected countries (see Annex 1) must contribute their own financing for their project module or source the necessary funding in their country of origin.
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CLIENT II - Internationale Partnerschaften für nachhaltige Innovationen
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CLIENT II puts a spotlight on demand-oriented research and development collaborations with select newly industrializing and developing countries with interesting markets for German suppliers of technology. The envisaged projects are to give an effective impetus to reduce environmental pollution in the partner countries, to use natural resources both wisely and economically, to supply safe, clean and affordable energy to all segments of the population, and to make advances in global climate protection and in the adaptation to climate change and natural hazards. This may be accomplished by increasing resource and energy efficiency, through sustainable land use, or by reducing harmful emissions to the air, water and soil. The topics investigated in the project should be important enough for the outcome to have a significant impact at local level and demonstrate relevance to similar conditions in other regions.

Funding is provided to collaborative research and development (R&D) projects which are carried out jointly by science, industry and other practitioners. The projects must also provide evidence of their links to stakeholders and activities in the partner country which can commercialize the project results. International interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary cooperation is expected. The strong involvement of companies and a clear focus on commercialization of results is aimed in particular at strengthening the economic competitiveness of Germany and the associated partner countries.

The “CLIENT II” funding measure covers sustainable technologies and services in the following focal areas:

Resource efficiency and sustainable resource technologies
Water management
Climate protection / energy efficiency
Adaptation to climate change
Land management
Sustainable energy systems
Natural hazards
Interdisciplinary collaborative projects which focus on several of the focal areas above and their interfaces are expressly welcome.

Details concerning the content of the focal areas and the targeted priority countries are contained in Annex 1. Funding for projects from other countries is possible in exceptional cases.

Funding is provided to R&D collaborative projects which run for a period of three years (as a rule). Preceding definition projects with a running time of up to six months which are aimed at preparing subsequent R&D projects are also eligible for funding. Definition projects can be user-oriented needs and market analyses, research into country-specific conditions, or the recruitment of suitable partners, to name but a few.

In a first step, project proposals for international R&D projects should be submitted by the German project coordinator to the BMBF’s project management agency. The following deadlines apply:

30 June 2016

29 September 2017

31 January 2019

Project proposals are to be developed jointly with project partners and relevant stakeholders from the respective partner country or region. Evaluation of the project outlines received will be carried out by external experts. In a second step, the collaboration proposals competitively selected will be requested to submit a formal application for R&D projects. A decision will be taken pending a final evaluation and possibly another external evaluation.

Prerequisites for project funding include:

Relevance and a demonstrated urgent need for R&D in the partner country (e.g. by superordinate programmes at ministerial and/or regional level),
Proof of adequate own financing by cooperation partners in the respective partner countries,
Involvement of at least one, ideally several, institutions in the partner country: (preferably research institutions as well as companies with independent research and development activities) and at least one stakeholder (e.g. public authority) crucial to project implementation, or other institutions in the partner country which may include those which do not carry out research activities, in the interest of sustainable opportunities for commercialization.
Signature of a written agreement between all collaboration partners concerning rights and duties within the bilateral project, competences, terms and conditions of the collaboration, how to handle data, publication procedures, etc. (to be signed six months after project launch, at the latest).

The application procedure for definition projects is single-tiered. Applications will be evaluated according to an established catalogue of criteria. If the evaluation produces a positive result, definition projects will be funded pending a final review. Submission of an R&D project outline is expected at the conclusion of the definition project.

The selected definition projects and R&D collaborations will be supported by further networking and transfer activities. These include the establishment of regional project offices which coordinate activities across disciplines to effectively network projects and their environments and thereby strengthen the implementation and innovative power of the projects. Subject-specific supportive research measures will evaluate the outcome, approaches, and transferability with a view to ensuring both as widescale commercialization of results as possible and the greatest possible effectiveness of the funding activity itself.


CLIENT II – Cooperaciones internacionales para innovaciones sustentables

Directriz de financiación dentro del Programa Marco "Investigación para el Desarrollo Sustentable (FONA3)" del Ministerio Federal de Educación e Investigación (BMBF)

La directriz de financiación "CLIENT II - Cooperaciones internacionales para innovaciones sustentables" tiene como objetivo fomentar cooperaciones internacionales en los ámbitos del clima, el medio ambiente y la energía. Realiza una importante contribución a la implementación del Programa Marco "Investigación para el Desarrollo Sustentable (FONA³)". Con CLIENT II, el Ministerio Federal de Educación e Investigación (BMBF) apoya proyectos internacionales de investigación y desarrollo de empresas del sector industrial, universidades y centros de investigación no universitarios, instituciones municipales y regionales y asociaciones relevantes con sede en Alemania. Los socios de proyecto extranjeros de los países seleccionados (véase Anexo 1) deben autofinanciarse su parte del proyecto u obtener los respectivos fondos en el país asociado.


CLIENT II – Parcerias internacionais para inovações sustentáveis

Diretrizes para financiamentos no âmbito do programa-quadro "Pesquisa para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável – FONA3" do Ministério Federal da Educação e Pesquisa (BMBF)

As diretrizes para financiamentos "CLIENT II - Parcerias internacionais para inovações sustentáveis" apontam para a promoção de parcerias internacionais nos setores climático, ambiental e energético e contribuem substancialmente para a implementação do programa-quadro "Pesquisa para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável – (FONA3)." Com a medida de financiamento CLIENT II, o Ministério Federal da Educação e Pesquisa (BMBF) vem apoiando projetos internacionais de pesquisa e desenvolvimento de empresas industriais e comerciais, escolas superiores e instituições de pesquisa extrauniversitárias, instituições municipais e estaduais, assim como associações relevantes sediadas na Alemanha. Caberá aos parceiros estrangeiros nos países selecionados (ver o Anexo 1) assegurar por força própria o financiamento da sua participação no projeto ou angariar os recursos correspondentes no país parceiro.

Flagge, Frankreich

CLIENT II – Partenariats internationaux pour des innovations durables

Directive sur l’appui de projets du programme-cadre de recherche pour un développement durable (FONA3) du ministère fédéral de l’Éducation et de la Recherche (BMBF)

La directive « CLIENT II – Partenariats internationaux pour des innovations durables » a vocation à promouvoir des partenariats internationaux sur le climat, l’environnement et l’énergie. Elle apporte une contribution essentielle à la mise en oeuvre du programme-cadre de recherche pour un développement durable (FONA³). Avec CLIENT II, le ministère fédéral de l’Éducation et de la Recherche (BMBF) soutient des projets internationaux de recherche et de développement menés par des entreprises du secteur industriel, commercial et artisanal, par des universités et des centres de recherche non universitaires, par des organismes relevant de l’autorité des collectivités locales et des Länder et par d’autres organisations significatives sises en Allemagne. Les partenaires étrangers de pays choisis (cf. annexe 1) devront financer eux-mêmes leur part du projet ou mobiliser les fonds requis dans le pays partenaire.


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