Outlook Earth - It's Time for Africa

Main focus of this "Outlook Earth" edition are the German-African initiatives to set up the climate competence centres WASCAL and SASSCAL as well as the project “The Future Okavango”, which is part of the funding measure “Sustainable Land Management. “Outlook Earth” is published as a print supplement for the German media magazine “journalist”.
Mediatheksbild - mit dem Titel Outlook Earth - It"s Time for Africa (Fotolia)
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“Outlook Earth” introduces information on BMBF-funded “Global Change Research” and offers contacts as a starting point for future research. Feel free to use texts and graphics for your own reports provided the source is stated as “Outlook Earth”.

Access the English electronic version of "Outlook Earth - It's time for Africa" here: download as pdf

Access the German electronic version "Perspektive Erde - It's time for Africa" here: download as pdf

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    The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting a number of African countries in setting up and running two science centres that will help them tackle the eff ects of climate change. The aim is to form a network of scientists from the continent and motivate governments to engage in joint research activities. Expertise in the region will be developed and strengthened so that the continent does not lose it when the research projects end. more
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