Sweden leads world in sustainability: survey

Sweden is the world's best performer in environmental and social sustainability, a Swedish official website reported on Tuesday quoting a new report.
A survey of 30 leading members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) by the Swiss bank Zuricher Kantolbank gave Sweden 9.5 points out of a maximum 10.

Denmark came second, with 9.4 points, followed by Switzerland on 8.8 points. At the bottom of the list was the United States on 2.2 points, well behind Turkey and Mexico in 28th and 29th places respectively.

The rankings were based on an index that considers countries' performance across a range of indicators, including emissions, biological diversity, energy consumption and participation in international treaties.

In social sustainability, the index considers health, living standards, equality and education.

Sweden was ranked top in social sustainability and second-best in environmental development. It received high marks for its work in implementing the Kyoto Treaty on greenhouse gases, environmental policy in general, and equality.

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