Flagship Initiatives

The flagship initiatives for sustainability are the political priorities in FONA³. The three topics, Green Economy, City of the Future and Energiewende, address systems that are key to human coexistence; the transformation of these systems is crucial for the future viability of our way of life and business dealings.

We no longer ask ourselves what research can offer society but what solutions are required. Thus, the flagships aim to achieve the greatest possible relevance for transformation. This results in a shift in the programme logic from a supply orientation to a demand orientation.

The city, the business world and the energy supply are all highly complex, man-made systems. If a research landscape is to contribute to a transformation of these systems, it must transcend the boundaries of established research fields and adopt a systemic approach from the word go. To this end, the well-honed inter-ministerial cooperation, particularly that between the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and t he Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), will be systematically enlarged to include the entire process, from identifying research priorities, selecting and carrying out projects, right through to their realisation and application.

Maximum openness in all programme areas is a prerequisite in ensuring that the flagship initiatives are continuously geared towards the transfer of the research results. By its very nature, the programme serves as a platform: stakeholders and participants from the fields of politics, industry and administration, and representatives from civil society are involved in the project and research process from day one.

Accordingly, the three topics, Green Economy, City of the Future and Energiewende were identified as a result of dialogue and organised thematically in agenda processes. The initiatives were assigned specific activities in FONA³ and refined systematically in further discussions. They are the first flagship initiatives to be introduced. Since FONA³ regards itself as a learning programme, further flagship initiatives may be identified and researched as required.

Last update: 25.02.2017