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Bridging in Biodiversity Science (BIBS)

Bridging in Biodiversity Science

The overarching goal of the project 'Bridging in Biodiversity Science (BIBS)' is to bridge disciplines, scales and systems in biodiversity research. It was developed out of the realization that the long-standing separation of research fields and the study of single, isolated, usually small-scale systems are hindering both scientific progress and the design of effective measures for biodiversity conservation. Focusing on 'rapid transitions of ecological systems' as one of the most pressing challenges in biodiversity research, BIBS will conduct studies at key interfaces commonly neglected in conventional biodiversity research and evaluate the added value and limitations of the bridging concept. BIBS work packages are focused on bridging research in aquatic-terrestrial systems, rural-urban gradients, above-belowground components of ecosystems, and between natural and novel systems. They are designed to study the entire chain of causes, mechanisms and consequences of rapid transitions across different ecosystems and spatio-temporal scales. They aim to develop solid recommendations for policy makers in the light of current rapid transitions. The results will be collated in an overall synthesis, with conceptual publications intended for the scientific community, policy makers and the general public. Furthermore, BIBS comprises a citizen science component aiming to bridge science, policy makers and citizens by supporting research, engaging and integrating the public and will establish a platform for knowledge exchange with policy and society.

The funding measure is designed for three years and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with € 6 million. On behalf of the BMBF (Unit 724 "Global Change - Climate, Biodiversity") the department Environment and Sustainability of the DLR Project Management Agency, Part of the German Aerospace Center, is technically and administratively responsible for the funding initiative.

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