For a sustainable energy supply in Europe: Cooperation with France in research and development

The German and French ministries of research, BMBF and MESRI, are continuing their successful cooperation in research and development. The latest call is aimed at strengthening the French-German cooperation in energy research as well as the stimulation of innovation processes in both countries. Submission deadline is 9 January 2019.

The projects funded under the framework of the present joint call are expected to promote high-quality research collaborations among researchers in France and Germany in order to provide highly innovative solutions for an efficient, affordable and ecological energy supply of France, Germany and Europe based on renewable energies across different sectors (energy, mobility, industry, and households). Besides technical aspects, the consortia are as well invited to address economic and sociologic challenges within a systemic approach of the energy transition in Europe.
The call is open to research institutions (university or non-university research) and companies. The involvement of partners along the entire innovation chain from research to industry to end users is encouraged to support the practical relevance of the developed solutions.

Funding will be provided to collaborative projects between German and French partners that conduct application-oriented basic research (roughly corresponding to TRL 1-5) aiming at highly innovative, cross-sectoral solutions for economically, ecologically and socially sustainable and secure energy storage and distribution in France, Germany and Europe. Projects have to create added value from the Franco-German cooperation.

Research to be funded shall address one of the following thematic priorities:

Conversion and storage of energy from renewable sources

  • Electrical and electrochemical storage materials and technology, especially new batteries
  • Storage systems for use within smart grids (p. ex. ancillary services, virtual power plants)
  • Power-to-X technologies including electrolysis, synthetic fuel production, photo-electrochemistry and solar fuels
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, hydrogen storage and distribution

Smart Grids at transmission and distribution levels

  • Materials and technologies for smart grids in general and for high-voltage direct current transmission systems
  • Grid flexibilization and management (including architectures, digitalization, storage integration, other flexibilization technologies)
  • Border-crossing aspects on the technical and governance levels (p.ex. interopera-bility, regulations, European energy market)

Further information can be found here: "Franco-German Call for Proposals on Sustainable Energy"

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