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Future-oriented Technologies and Concepts to Increase Water Availability by Water Reuse and Desalination

Water in sufficient quantity and quality is fundamental for human health, the sustainable development of regions and an intact environment. However, water is becoming scarce not only in arid areas, but in many regions of the world. The ability to adequately supply households, agriculture and industry with water is becoming an ever greater global challenge.

Water demand will drastically increase worldwide in the coming years. Main reasons are population growth, increasing industrial and agricultural activities and the expansion of metropolitan areas. At the same time, the availability of water is already severely limited and is even declining regionally. Contaminated and overexploited water resources, climate change and the uneven distribution of supplies are contributory factors.

Against this background, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has launched the funding measure "Future-oriented Technologies and Concepts to Increase Water Availability by Water Reuse and Desalination" (WavE) within the framework program "Research for Sustainable Development" (FONA³). Within WavE, the BMBF is funding 14 joint research projects and an accompanying project. Partners from science, industry and practice collaborate in practice-oriented teams across disciplines. Their aim is to develop innovative and efficient technologies, process concepts and management strategies to ensure water supply for the future.

How can industrially utilized water be recycled? Which opportunities are opened by the treatment of saline groundwater and surface water? How is it possible to reuse treated municipal water? These three topics are at the core of WavE. In addition to technical solutions and intelligent management of relevant material flows, the project partners also integrate communication and training measures into their projects. The investigations and developments are carried out with a practice-oriented approach both in Germany and abroad. This offers opportunities for German companies to strengthen their competitiveness and to position themselves on the international technology market.

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