INOWAS - Innovative web-based Decision Support System for Renewable Water Resources Management

The climatic changes pose an immediate threat to water resources worldwide. One solution for the minimisation of the impact is the compensation of deficits with sustainable strategies.

Project Objectives
The project INOWAS proposal aims at providing stakeholders with a scientifically based decision support system (DSS) for planning, design and management of applications in the water sector. The focus lies on the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the managed groundwater reservoirs by means of scenario analysis, prognosis and risk assessment and with regard to the influencing climatic factors. The multi-component DSS is developed on an interactive web-based platform that combines a comprehensive knowledge base with complex scenario analysis tools. Different environmental scenarios can be simulated by the integration of Geographic Information Systems (problem definition using thematic maps) and graphic visualization tools (CAD-based management of input and output data) with process-based simulation tools (analytical and numerical models for water flow and reactive solute transport). The aim of the project is thus the development of a fast and reliable DSS for the planning, management and prediction of enhanced groundwater recharge efficiency under different climatic conditions.

Project Management
Dr. Catalin Stefan
Technische Universität Dresden Institut für Abfall- und Kreislaufwirtschaft
Pratzschwitzer Str. 15
01796 Pirna
Tel. +49 3501 5300 44


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