SGD-NUT - Submarine groundwater discharge from tropical islands as nutrient supply for marine ecosystems

Nutrient fluxes by submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) from tropical islands can strongly alter the functionality of adjacent coastal ecosystems. However, these fluxes and their effects were yet assessed mostly by individual locally focused studies. The project encompasses a comprehensive assessment of SGD from tropical islands, its associated nutrient fluxes and the resulting effects in coastal ecosystems at a regional example (Java, Indonesia) and at global scale.

Project Objectives
The overall objective of the project is to understand the impact and controls of nutrient fluxes by submarine groundwater discharge from tropical islands (SGD) to provide tools for an effective management of those nutrient fluxes. The project focuses on Java (Indonesia) to improve understanding of the processes that quantitatively control SGD-associated nutrient fluxes at regional scale. The findings are extrapolated to global scale using global spatial datasets representing current and future scenarios of the identified controls. The results will identify regions subject to strong current or future impacts of SGD-associated nutrient fluxes on coastal ecosystems around tropical islands. For these regions, groundwater management methods will be suggested to reduce the unwanted SGD impacts.

Project Management
Dr. Nils Moosdorf
Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) GmbH
Fahrenheitstr. 6
28359 Bremen
Tel. +49 421 23800 33


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