STEEP-CarbonTrans – Evaluation of Technological and Resource Alternatives for Carbon Feedstock to support a Raw Materials Transition in the German Industry

Political and industrial decision-makers face the challenging task of promoting technological innovations that will pave the path for a low-carbon economy while ensuring that raw material supplies to their nation’s industry remain competitive yet secure. The complexity of the decision-making environment makes it highly challenging to obtain a holistic and well-grounded overview of the social-technological-economic-environmental-political (STEEP) components in their value chains.

Project Objectives
The interdisciplinary junior research group STEEP-CarbonTrans aims to address all three aspects, i.e. technology, resource chain and society, representing important building blocks for a raw materials transition in Germany. The main targets of this research group are:

- Development of a holistic methodology to evaluate products and processes under the STEEP criteria
- Analysis of carbon-based products of the German chemical industry from different feedstock with this methodology
- Analysis the societal knowledge, perception and acceptance of different carbon feedstock and development of practical recommendations for education and engagement measures
- Development of an online toolbox to support sound, grounded decision-making
- Education and qualification of junior researchers

Project Management
Dr. Roh Pin Lee
Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Fuchsmuehlenweg 9
09599 Freiberg/Germany
Tel.: +49 3731 394423


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