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RegIKlim - Regional information for action on climate change

What will climate change look like in your region? Which adaptation measures are necessary and useful? The new funding measure RegIKlim aims to provide answers to these questions.

The effects of climate change vary widely from region to region. However, reliable information for regions and cities is still missing. The aim of the funding measure is therefore to develop decision-relevant knowledge on climate change in municipalities and regions and to create a sound basis for regionally specific information and evaluation services.

The funding measure will support projects in the following areas:

Model Regions

Based on climate change signals and spatial and landscape conditions, information tools for decision support for regional adaptation to climate change will be developed. In addition, basic aspects of adaptation should be researched for the regions. The focus should be on adaptation capacity and the integrated assessment of climate risks and options for action.

Cross-sectional Activity: Regional Climate Modeling

An important basis for action recommendations for adaptation measures are projections of the climatic changes that are created with regional climate models. As a database for the model regions, current climate model simulations on a regional scale are to be prepared. In addition, methods will be developed to further improve the reliability of the model results on a regional scale and to make the results more consistent and more accessible.

Scientific coordination

A scientific coordination project will accompany the work in the model regions as well as support the exchange of information.


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