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Smart Electricity Grids

Research on expanding electricity grid infrastructure and on feeding a greater share of renewable energy into the transmission and distribution grids forms the core of the Smart Electricity Grids funding initiative. This will be used in implementing the energy switch to create the necessary technological conditions and produce the innovations needed to achieve environmentally sound, reliable and affordable energy supply. The electricity grid infrastructure must be adapted as part of this process.

The Smart Electricity Grids funding initiative is an integral part of Germany's 6th Energy Research Program. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research allocated €141 million for the initiative, thus boosting current funding activities in this sector.

The aim of the initiative is to improve cooperation between industry and research along the entire value chain, and to assist research cooperation at international level. Ultimately, the initiative will improve the environmental compatibility, economic viability and resource efficiency of the German electricity grid, and secure electricity supplies in Germany. Following the joint research initiative on energy storage technologies launched in the summer of 2011, this is the second joint initiative conducted by the two ministries involved in the Energy Research Programme.

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