Basics for the operationalization of PALM-4U – practicability and continuation strategy (ProPolis)

Project Objectives
In the joint project ProPolis, new fields of application will be developed that could be addressed with the urban climate model PALM-4U. The urban climate model will continue to be tested to see whether it can be used in practice. In addition, a continuation strategy for a long-term provision of the PALM-4U tool for practical applications is to be developed and its implementation prepared. The two joint projects KliMoPrax and UseUClim from the first phase have joined forces to form the ProPolis joint research project to address these tasks:

  • The necessary fundamentals are developed and implemented in ProPolis for the long-term continued operation of the urban climate model. The continuation strategy includes the implementation of the IT infrastructure, a suitable governance structure and the development of operator models.
  • The practical suitability of the model is continuously checked and further developed. In addition to the implementation of model applications in so-called experiment rooms, this also includes the further development of the graphical user interface into a user-friendly tool. The practicability will not only depend on the model itself but also on the fact that the results can be used in everyday urban planning. The study of the application environment of the model in cities is also taken into account in the experiment rooms.
  • Measures to build capacity as well as service and support offers are conceptualized and implemented and the basis for a national and international community of practice is laid.

Project Management
Dr. Jörg Cortekar
Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS)
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Chilehaus, Eingang B
Fischertwiete 1
20095 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40-226 338-445


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