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Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

The objective of the funding measure is the successful technology and knowledge transfer in the field of sustainable water management in selected developing and emerging countries. An important contribution with regard to the Millennium Goals of the United Nations is made with the development of integrated planning instruments, the adaptation of water technologies to different climate, economic and societal conditions and the variety of options for vocational training.

With the principle of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), quantitatively and qualitatively sustainable management of interlinked surface waters, aquifers and coastal waters shall be provided. This ensures the social and economic development as well as the safeguarding of the ability of vital ecosystems to function.

Within the context of the funding measure, the IWRM approach shall be established in selected model regions in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, that are manageable in terms of size, with participation and under consideration of all relevant actors. The very different natural ecological and socio-ecological conditions in the selected regions are taken into account. The aim is making a contribution to improve people's access to clean drinking water and to sanitary waste disposal. With the early involvement of partners from economy and industry the positioning of German enterprises on the international water management markets shall be improved. Further essential priorities of the funding measure are the support of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the water sector, the support of the international cooperation between science, industry, administration and the supply and disposal industry as well as the enhancement of Germany as an economic, educational and research location.

Research projects were supported in the following developing and emerging countries: China, Indonesia, Israel-Jordan-Palestine, Mongolia, Namibia, South Africa and Vietnam. Depending on the region, different key problems were addressed and solutions developed. Currently, a joint project is still ongoing in Iran.

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