Sustainable Water Management: Grants for students and young researchers; Summer Schools

The aim of the programme is the promotion of young scientists from selected countries; they are offered to study or to carry out PhD projects. Aditionally, German research instituts are enabled to organize summer schools.

Mediatheksbild - mit dem Titel Sustainable Water Management: Grants for students and young researchers; Summer Schools (Europäische Kommission)
photo: Europäische Kommission

One of the priority funding points, which the BMBF attaches particular importance to in its Framework Programme "Research for Sustainable Development" (FONA) is Sustainable Water Management (NaWaM): "One of the major challenges of the future is to ensure the supply of clean water to the world population. Population growth, water pollution and the increasing water consumption per capita have a strong impact on water quality. In addition, expansive climate changes and change in land use influence global and regional water cycles and thus question the medium and long-term availability of water" In view of this background, the BMBF specifically promotes research projects to develop, adapt and internationally disseminate technologies and strategies for the sustainable management of the Resource "Water". Of particular interest in this respect are the thematic fields of "Water and Energy" "Water and Health", "Water and Nutrition", "Water and Environment" as well as "Water in Urban Areas". At the centre of the DAAD Special Programme funded with the resources of the BMBF on "Sustainable Water Management" lies the promotion of young scientists from Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Jordan, Iran, Vietnam and Indonesia. To this end, Individual Scholarships are offered for Students and Doctoral Students in the first Funding Line. The offer of a second Funding Line targets the Institutes at Universities and Non-University Research Institutions in Germany. They are given the opportunity to carry out Serial Summer Schools with participants from the above mentioned countries.

Last update: 15.08.2017