Innovative Technologies for Resource Efficiency - Strategic Metals and Minerals (r³)

In order to lower the pressure on the commodity market, the material consumption has to be reduced by technological innovations and/or unused or alternative sources of raw material have to be tapped. This applies in particular on raw materials, which are necessary for so-called future technologies and hold thus a key function for Germany as a business location.

Mediathekbild - mit dem Titel City of the Future as a Source of Raw Materials - Urban Mining

Aim of the funding initiative is to achieve efficiency leaps in using resources. Against the background of increasing raw material scarcity, emphasis is placed on increasing raw material efficiency, recycling and substitution of scarcely strategic raw materials. In this context strategic raw materials are metals and industrial minerals, which are characterised by a high relevance for key technologies and a high uncertainty of supply. Usual these materials are difficult to be substituted, have volatile prices and are used dissipative, which finally complicates the recycling. Another focus is put on the so-called “urban mining" , which aims to return valuable raw materials from the dismantling of infrastructure and old landfills in products and goods production. Meanwhile more copper is stored in infrastructure than in ore deposits. Thus „urban mining “can reduce the dependence on rising prices and import of raw materials.

Last update: 12.03.2019