5th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility - The Future of CSR –

The debate on the role and impact of CSR on corporate, manager and stakeholder behavior and practice continues to rage. There are now many standards, many types of certification and monitoring programs, etc. The result of this proliferation is a degree of confusion and the need for consolidation.

What are the implications of these dynamics for CSR? The conference will focus on the future of CSR by exploring whether more collaboration between the most relevant global entities can bring more consistency across different institutions.

Rather than looking at what is the potentiality of CSR the goal of the conference is to examine the science behind CSR and behavior and the actual managerial practices that work. 

About 100 international representatives from science, business, politics and governmental as well as non-governmental organizations will discuss these issues!

The conference invites submissions from practitioners, scientists from various disciplines, and others who want to bring the logic and empirical techniques of CSR to bear.

Doctoral students are welcome to apply to the pre-conference Doctoral Workshop which aims to provide doctoral students with an opportunity to discuss their research with senior academics and to build relationships with other students from around the world.