2024 Status Seminar German-Israeli Cooperation in Water Technology Research

The next status seminar of the water cooperation program between the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) will take place in Koblenz from June 18 to 19, 2024.

Ongoing projects will report on their current status with contributions from Israel and Germany. This year's seminar marks the 50th anniversary of German-Israeli water technology cooperation, which has supported more than 162 projects involving participants from both countries since 1974.

Key topics of the 2024 status seminar are

- The use of water technology to reduce the carbon footprint of the water sector or to adapt to significant impacts of climate change

- Economic optimization of the water sector

- New approaches to water infrastructure asset management

- Wastewater: recycling, reduction and reuse

- Organic micropollutants, pathogens and microplastics in drinking water sources and freshwater systems

Registration for the seminar is open until March 14, 2024 via this link. Attendance is free of charge.