Sustainable Water Management

Climate Change, a changing demography, global value chains, pollution, and excessive exploitation as well as a growing world population pose significant challenges to a sustainable management of natural water resources.

With the funding priority "Sustainable Water Management" ("Nachhaltiges Wassermanagement", NaWaM), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds the development of innovative technologies, processes and system solutions for sustainable management of the resource water. NaWaM pools the activities of the BMBF in the field of water research within the BMBF-Framework "Programme for Sustainable Developments" ("Forschung für nachhaltige Entwicklungen", FONA).

The funding priority is subdivided into the five topical fields "Water and Energy", "Water and Health", "Water and Nutrition", "Water and Environment" and "Water in Urban Areas". The research issues within the topical fields are dealt with and issued in the form of thematically oriented BMBF funding guidelines.

The aim is the interdisciplinary development of key technologies in cooperation with the industry, their adaptation to changing basic conditions and their international dissemination. The BMBF aims explicitly at a leading participation of industrial enterprises – in particular small and medium-sized enterprises – in collaborative projects. With this, Germany's international top position in the lead market of "Water Technology" shall be expanded.

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