COP28 Side Event "Renewable Energy Solutions on different scales in Africa and the Middle East and JW Eco-Technology" (UNFCCC)

The side event belongs to the thematic category "Mitigation and response measures" of COP 28.

In the first part of the event, the Taiwanese Enterprise JW Eco-Technology will present technological innovation to deal with climate change, e.g. water absorbing street cover that can hold and then steadily set free again water from extreme rain events.

The second part of the event will deal with possibilities to use renewable energies, specifically solar energy, to reduce the use of fossil energy and the related carbon emissions. Two projects of the funding programme CLIENT II present their approaches and results: JOSSI (Jordan optimizing solar steam for industry) and EnerSHelf (Energy Supply for Healthcare Facilities in Ghana). The event will be led and moderated by the Institute Biodiversity – Network (ibn), which forms the science policy interface for CLIENT II.