International Conference on Cascade Use and Circular Economy - ICCCE 2018

After five years of funding by the research programme FONA from the German Ministry of Education and Research, the junior research group Cascade Use is inviting to their final conference in Oldenburg, Germany, on September 24th and 25th 2018 to discuss relevant topics on resource management and the related CO2 emission reduction. Registration open until September 15th 2018.

Cascade Use and Circular Economy

In 2014 Cascade Use (CCU) was established at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg to perform research on sustainable resource management and cascading of materials. This was possible through the research grant of the BMBF funding Junior Research Groups Global Change 4+1. Having a similar case study as car recycling CCU cooperates with the research group Prof. Chen Ming from Shanghai Jiao Tong University SJTU, where many exchanges took place since the beginning of the project. Succeeding the first Cascade Conference on car parts in China 2017, Oldenburg will follow in 2018 with ICCCE 2018 International Conference on Cascade Use and Circular Economy. ICCCE 2018 will be organised by CCU, supported by the Co-Host SJTU (Prof. Chen Ming) and the AARTI – Alliance of Automotive Recovery Technology Innovation.

The goal within the Circular Economy addresses clearly the cascading approach. By reusing and recycling materials and products we keep secondary resources in the loop and primary reserves are saved. The International Conference Cascade-Use and Circular Economy is inviting researchers and industry partners to discuss major challenges and chances within the recycling/reuse loop around the mobility and/or the WEEE industry. We are seeking not only technical approaches but also economical and logistical topics, with a general focus on:

  • Life Cycle Assessment and Material Flow Assessment
  • Sustainable Mobility (Services)
  • WEEE
  • Remanufacturing
  • Industrial Ecology
  • and Cascade Use and Waste Management 4.0.

Call for Paper is open until April 30th 2018. All selected papers will undergo a peer review and best papers will be selected for inclusion in the conference proceedings as Springer booklet.

Gerneral registration for participation is possible until September 15th 2018. Further information is available on the Conference Website.

CCU leader Dr.-Ing. Alexandra Pehlken will assist you regarding to all open questions regarding submission, registration, accommodation, etc. Please contact her via email (