IPCC-Work Group II Stationed at the AWI

The new offices for the IPCC Work Group II - “Technical Support Unit” - are to be located at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute (AWI) in Bremen.

In the context of preparing the Sixth IPCC Progress Report, Work Group II will be investigating the risks and impacts of climate change, as well as possibilities for adaptation to climate change. It will demonstrate the vulnerabilities of socio-economic and natural systems in the face of climate change and its impacts. Additionally, it will describe ways in which humans can adapt to global warming.

The German climate researcher Hans-Otto Pörtner is heading Work Group II as co-chairperson, together with Debra Roberts (South Africa). Their tenures will cover the period in which the Sixth IPCC-Climate Report is compiled (until 2022).

The new offices at the AWI will assist Work Group II in their activities and reports. The following positions are currently open:

Science Director
Science Officer
Information Technology (IT) Officer
Administrative Officer