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The Next Generation of Solar Energy Technology

With the funding of energy research, the Federal Government intends to contribute to permanent and secure energy supplies, taking into consideration a fair balance of both affordable energy prices and climate and environmental compatibility. The development of innovative energy technologies shall also strengthen the German economy.

The funding of research and development for the use of renewable energy is an important focus of the Federal Governement's 5th Energy Research Programme "Innovation and New Energy Technologies" of June 1, 2005.

This funding initiative is intended to pave the way for the development of technologies of the next generation for the use of solar energy. This includes power generation with highly innovative thin-film solar cells and the solar hydrogen production in different systems. Solar cells on the basis of organic materials are excluded from the funding, since they are subject of a separate funding announcement, just like thermal and electrolytic hydrogen production.

The support is mainly aimed at the joint research and development of energy institutions and facilities of scientific basic research to enable the use of the latest scientific findings to remove technological constraints of development regarding innovative solar energy systems. Another option is the testing of new research approaches from basic research for the use of solar energy, in order to open new long-term perspectives for future energy supply.

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