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CO2Plus – Utilisation of CO2 to broaden the raw material base

The funding measure "CO2Plus - Utilisation of CO2 to broaden the raw material base" supports joint research projects in applied and industrial research and development (R&D). The call aims at the broadening of the raw material base in particular that of the chemical industry by utilisation of CO2. By this it contributes to a sustainably secure alternative carbon sources and mitigates the dependence on fossil raw materials.

The funding measure "CO2Plus - Utilisation of CO2 to broaden the raw material base" is a firm establishment of the New Hightech-Strategy of the Federal Government and corresponds to the priority goal for the future "Sustainable Economy and Energy". The funding measure is part of the lead initiative "Green Economy" of the research framework programme "Research for Sustainable Development (FONA3)" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The call focuses on the utilisation of CO2 to broaden the raw material base of the chemical industry and on the reduction of green house gas emissions.

Projects are funded in three topics:

  1. Increase of the raw material productivity by (direct or indirect) integration of CO2 in value added chains
  2. Integration of renewable energies for the direct utilisation of CO2 for the production of chemicals
  3. Efficient CO2-capture and separation technologies

Additionally, a scientific coordination project is funded, which apart from scientific support, support of communication efforts of the BMBF, as well as transfer of results of the funding measure, also includes a project focused on acceptance of the novel technologies and a project that focuses on a material flow analysis.

BMBF has supported R&D projects in the area of CO2-utilisation for the first time with the funding measure "Technologies for sustainability and climate protection - Chemical processes and use of CO2" (from the 17th of May 2009). This provided a basis for the broadening of the raw material base of the chemical industry. The results of that first funding measure demonstrated a great potential of the projects with respect to securing the raw material base as well as reduction of CO2-emissions. The new funding measure "CO2Plus" therefore aims to build up on these results by specifically targeting chemical and biotechnological methods for the production of bulk chemicals from CO2. Furthermore, the highly innovative fields of electro and photo catalysis as well as efficient CO2-separation technologies are addressed. This will contribute to strengthen Germany's leading role in the field of CO2-utilisation.

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