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From Knowledge to Action - New Paths towards Sustainable Consumption

Despite extensive knowledge of the need for sustainable consumption patterns and a wide range of consumer education programs, there has been little success in bringing about a general trend towards sustainable consumption.

Starting out with a view at consumer perspectives and activities the projects generated orientation and transformation knowledge which can be used by different groups of actors and improve consumer competence. The projects were supposed to specify the expected sustainability benefits in the given fields of research thereby focusing on energy efficiency. A particular challenge was posed by the task to build a bridge between individual activities and ecological and social framework conditions. Additionally, gender sensitivity represented an important part of work in this field of research.

By embracing relevant stakeholders such as consumers, industry and the retail market, researchers integrated practical knowledge that is crucial for the work on life-world issues. Moreover, it guarantees that the gained transformation knowledge will finally correspond to the actual needs of the stakeholders. However, this does not mean that the researchers are responsible for the implementation of their results. The majority of in the year 2008 started projects have been concluded in 2011. The further transfer of project results was organized through two conferences in the years 2011 / 2012.

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