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Innovation Alliance "Organic Photovoltaics"

Through the Innovation Alliance "Organic Photovoltaics" (OPV) the BMBF intends to accelerate the maturation process of OPV technologies with a combination of basic research, application-oriented material research and development and process developments of specific components.

With this funding measure, the federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) aims to achieve a bridging of the gap between science and industry in the emerging feeld of organic photovoltaics by supporting joint R&D activities.

As part of the High-Tech Strategy of the federal government, this funding measure complements the OLED initiative launched in 2006, and fundamentally contributes to energy research and climate protection. Application-oriented research of pre-competitive areas, which are characterized by a high scientific and technical risk, as well as basic research with long-term prospects for application are eligible to apply for funding. The following areas are addressed:

  • Application-driven research of OPV,
  • Fundamental research of long-term prospects for application

The funding is aimed at collaborative projects between companies and universities or non-profit non-university research institutions. The involvement of small and medium enterprises is encouraged and will be considered during project appraisal. The framework of the European Commission gives a special bonus arrangement for small and medium enterprises, which may lead to a higher rate of funding. Other commercial companies are also encouraged to apply for funding.

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