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Innovation Alliance Photovoltaics

How to cut the cost of material in solar cells? How to boost their efficiency and longevity? What scope is there for improving production processes and analysis techniques? What promising new products are waiting to be developed for yet-to-be created markets? These and other research questions lie at the core of the work performed by the Innovation Alliance Photovoltaics, which the German government has funded since 2010.

The German government believes the Innovation Alliance Photovoltaics can provide strong vertical cooperation within process chains and also between equipment manufacturers, systems technology companies and users in the photovoltaics industry. The aim is to consolidate photovoltaic research efforts, secure international competitiveness and, by means of joint research and development projects in the pre-competition phase, enhance the expertise and market position of German solar power companies built up over many years.
With the Innovation Alliance Photovoltaics and its 6th Energy Research Programme, the German government funds over 20 industry-led research and development projects conducted by German photovoltaics companies and research institutes. These projects aim to minimise time from lab to market.

The Alliance represents the entire production chain, from research institutes to photovoltaics production to system construction and equipment manufacture. This collaboration allows research results to be tested under realistic production conditions. In this way, the results of the industry-led research projects are quickly turned into new processes and innovative products whose improved characteristics lead to a reduction in production costs and to investment in Germany as a business location. Agreements on the implementation of the findings in Germany are a key component of the Innovation Alliance.

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