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KLIMZUG - Managing Climate Change in the Regions for the Future

The BMBF's KLIMZUG funding project aims to improve regions' competitiveness through innovative strategies for sensitively dealing with climate change and, in particular, with adapting to the associated weather extremes.

Establishing a new, state-of-the-art way of handling climate change is to be achieved through networks between enterprises, administration and social agencies, plus academia at regional and local levels. These networks will aim to both mitigate the risks of climate change and exploit any identifiable opportunities. KLIMZUG is intended to be a beacon and to promote, by way of example, the setting up of such climate change adaptation networks which are sustainable in the long-term and create competitive locations. In this way, the funding measure is intended to help to integrate the anticipated climate changes and the associated extreme weather events into planning and development processes and into political and economic decision making.

To increase the visibility of German activities to adapt to climate change and to ensure that there is an international transfer of the expertise so developed, partner regions for the research topics are to be attracted from around the world if possible. The aims here are, firstly, to emphasise the role of Germany as a pacesetter and driver and, secondly, to underline its scientific skills in developing suitable, trans-national adaptation measures. At the same time, the aim is to tap into the traditional and modern skills in the partner regions, some of which are even now living and managing under climate and weather conditions which are also predicted for Germany. Joint ventures for minimising risk with partner regions that have complementary geographic regions or climatic conditions, may also be considered. Partner regions with identifiable R&D potential will be particularly considered.

Furthermore, since it is essentially those people who live in a region that have to deal with the climate change there, educational issues and capacity building also play a role in KLIMZUG.

7 sample regions in Germany will be supported with up to 3 million euros per annum in this challenging task.

On behalf of the BMBF the organisational unit Environment, Culture, Sustainability in the German Aerospace Center Project Management Agency (PT-DLR) attends functionally and administrative to the funding measure KLIMZUG.

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