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Lithium-Ion Batteries LIB 2015 Innovation Alliance

Efficient storage of electrical energy plays an important role in renewable energy use. Large-scale, high-performance and safe lithium-based energy carriers are a key component in achieving broad-based use of alternative energy approaches – for example, in mobility and use of renewable energy sources.

While lithium-ion technologies are already in use, for example in consumer electronics, new research approaches are necessary to develop them in line with emerging needs, notably with regard to mobility and energy technology. Lithium-ion batteries must provide high storage potential for the automobile industry and for alternative power plant technology. The aim of the Innovation Alliance is thus to conduct research in this field along the entire value chain. This research will look at ways to optimise both performance and efficiency of lithium-ion batteries across the board, providing for larger storage potential, enhanced reliability, greater longevity and maximum safety.

Building on basic research findings, suitable materials and production processes are to be developed. In a second step, battery cells are to be produced and combined to form an integrated system linked by a smart battery management system. In the 17 projects conducted under the Innovation Alliance LIB 2015, some 60 project partners cover the full spectrum of research and development relating to lithium-ion batteries. This involves issues concerning operational safety, energy density and performance, cycle stability, battery management, longevity prediction, production technology and cost, and environmental compatibility.

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