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Research for the Reduction of Land Consumption and for Sustainable Land Management (REFINA)

Land consumption for housing and traffic areas in Germany is severe and has ecological, economic and social consequences. Research contributes with seminal concepts and innovative instruments for a sustainable land management.

REFINA - The programme "Research for the Reduction of Land Consumption and for Sustainable Land Management" funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is part of the German National Strategy for Sustainable Development. The German federal government has set the goal of reducing land consumption for new settlement and transport-related areas from currently 115 to 30 hectares per day by 2020. In order to provide a scientifically reliable basis for decisions and measures, REFINA supports the development and testing of innovative concepts for the reduction of land consumption. These concepts should help to achieve a multitude of goals such as the protection of the environment and conservation of nature, economic growth, socially compatible housing, quality of urban building and mobility.

The REFINA programme bundles the competence of a large number of institutions, projects and people in cooperation across traditional sectoral and administrative boundaries - with the aim of generating benefits for all. From 2006 to 2011, innovative concepts for reducing land take and promoting sustainable land management were to be developed and implemented.

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