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Risk Management of Extreme Flood Events (RIMAX)

Große Hochwasserereignisse bedrohen seit alters her Menschen und ihren Besitz. Um Methoden und Werkzeuge für ein modernes Hochwasserrisikomanagement in Deutschland zu entwickeln und umzusetzen, hat das BMBF 2004 die Förderaktivität "RIMAX" ins Leben gerufen.

Over the centuries, society has taken more and more elaborate measures to protect itself against flood hazards. However, despite all these efforts, flood events still pose a significant risk to people, tangible assets and agriculture. Amongst others, one reason for this is that, due to flood control measures, settlements have moved closer and closer to rivers. Moreover, an increase in flood frequency can be expected as a consequence of climate change.

Within the funding activity "Risk Management of Extreme Flood Events" (RIMAX), BMBF has funded more than 30 joint projects with 24 million Euros during 2005 – 2010. RIMAX concentrated on extreme events, i.e. flood events which occur, statistically, once in a hundred years or even less often, but cause large economic damages. Since the dangers associated with these events can only be tackled in an integrated and sustainable approach, in RIMAX all relevant scientific disciplines worked jointly on concepts for flood risk management.

The research activities within RIMAX were focused on three main areas. The first involved the analysis of flood events and the development of improved flood forecasting and flood warning systems. The second area, information and communication, addressed flood awareness and risk communication. The third area dealt with innovative concepts for the security and improvement of technical flood defences.

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