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Sustainable Economy

BMBF supports 30 research consortia with its funding programme „Sustainable Economy“. These projects show holistic development perspectives for a sustainable economy, which includes longterm economic success combined with social justice and protection of the environment.

The aim of the 'Sustainable Economy' funding measure by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is to demonstrate how positively an economic system can develop if it considers the various dimensions of sustainability. This includes strengthening the links between lasting commercial success, environmental protection and social justice. The 30 research projects examine the following issues:

  • Measurement and assessment of how corporate actions, i.e. selected products and services, impact sustainability
  • New business models
  • Consumer behaviour and communication
  • Systemic questions on transforming the economic system

The funded project teams conduct research into a variety of issues touching on many different areas of life: from nutrition, clothing, mobility, construction and housing, through to logistics, tourism and education. For instance, some projects analyse consumer behaviour, as it is easier to provide consumers with meaningful information on sustainable products and services to encourage them to adopt sustainable habits. Other projects investigate business models, production forms and value added chains in respect to their sustainability potential.

Sustainability innovation is created and strategies for the dissemination of successful approaches are designed in cooperation with key stakeholders from industry. The systemic perspective is also important, which is why some projects work on options within economic and political frameworks to enable and promote sustainable transformation processes.

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