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Sustainable Land Management - Module A

Interdependencies between land management, climate change and ecosystem services

The funding measure aims to help regions to develop a sustainable land management system. A prerequisite for this is a better understanding of the interdependencies between land management, climate change and ecosystem services. This understanding is to be generated by interdisciplinary research teams. Specific action recommendations are also to be developed and implemented as models in collaboration with the interest groups in the relevant locations.

In particular, the research will be done in regions that are relevant to climate protection from a global standpoint or where major changes are looming due to land use and climate change.

The main project aims are:

  • To contribute towards greenhouse gas reduction objectives through sustainable land management
  • To adapt land management to climate change
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions through innovative land management strategies
  • To develop methods of evaluating ecosystem functions and services
  • To analyse the dependency of ecosystem functions and services on biodiversity, climate change and land management
  • To secure trade-offs and synergies between a carbon-optimised land management system that takes ecosystem functions and services into account and other land use objectives (e.g., food production, climate and biodiversity protection, etc.)
  • To develop socio-economic tools for taking into account ecosystem functions and services and climate protection objectives in land management

The projects in Module A are pitched at both national and international level. The BMBF invested a total of 75 million euros between 2010 and 2016.

On behalf of the BMBF the division "Environment and Sustainability" in the DLR Project Management Agency attends functionally and administrative to the funding measure Sustainable Land Management –Module A.

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