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R&D-Program "Raw materials of strategic economic importance for high-tech made in Germany"

The development of future technologies requires raw materials which Germany has to import to a considerable extent. These are needed to achieve our ambitious climate protection targets and to accelerate the energy transition. Furthermore, they are basis for our prosperity and the safeguarding of the high tech location Germany. These raw materials of strategic economic importance, primarily non-energy mineral resources, must be reliable available for the German industry. Therefore the BMBF strengthens research and development to safeguard a sustainable raw material supply in Germany.

The objective of the R&D program Raw materials of strategic economic importance for high-tech made in Germany is, to promote and further expand research and development along the value chain of non-energy mineral raw materials. The time frame for this will be five to ten years, the financial volume will be up to 200 Mio EUR. The program directs at universities, non-university research institutes and companies of the commercial economy. It will promote the applied research till the demonstration scale as well as linking it with the fundamental research. Education and further education to resource technologies will be deployed as accompanying measure.

The program concentrates on such metals and industrial minerals, which have a large leverage effect for the economy and whose availability has to be ensured for our future technologies, e.g. alloying elements for high performance steel, electronic metals or rare earth elements for renewable energy technologies. Currently we can observe a rapid transition, concerning the number, requirements and quality of the raw materials for high tech products. Therefore, the program is designed open to all types of technology regarding the range of raw materials. One main emphasis is put on the increase of the domestic offer of raw materials of strategic economic importance – through the exploration and extraction of primary raw materials as well as the processing of production residues and used products for the extraction of secondary raw materials. Thereby, the resource and energy efficiency and the sustainability of the raw material supply shall be increased.

The R&D program Raw materials of strategic economic importance for high-tech made in Germany builds on current funding measures in the FONA field of action called „sustainable economic activity and resources". Moreover exist relations to the BMBF framework programs „WING – material innovations for industry and society" and „research for the tomorrow's production".

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