International research cooperation to tackle climate change – large Franco-German MOPGA session at this year's vEGU21

This year’s General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (vEGU21) will host a large interdisciplinary MOPGA session, taking place on April 30th 2021. The session is dedicated to all three fields of research set out by the MOPGA programme: Climate Change, Energy Transition and Earth System Research.

The session was initiated by PhD candidate Sara Todorovic of MOPGA-GRI fellow Dr. Henry Wu's project, the two fellows Prof. Helmuth Thomas and Dr. Gayane Asatryan as well as by Dr. Emilie Capron from the French MOPGA programme. In addition, the initiators were able to win over 20 more French MOPGA projects to join the session. Entitled "Using Earth system science to understand climate change and its impacts: Results of the Franco-German "Make Our Planet Great Again" research initiative and beyond", the session provides opportunities to present and discuss the achievements of the programme so far. Giving short presentations, the scientists will discuss the impacts of climate change on nature and mankind, explain the functioning of the earth system and present possibilities for energy transition.

To access the agenda of the MOPGA session on April 30th follow this link:

The large variety of research topics and the international profile of the session create a promising example of Franco-German collaboration and networking in terms of climate change research – one of the key objectives of the Make Our Planet Great Again (MOPGA) programme.

MOPGA-GRI fields of research

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