Multi-risk Analysis and Information System Components for the Andes Region

The first annual meeting of the project RIESGOS takes place from 16 to 17 October 2018. For almost a year the RIESGOS team has been working on research and development of scientific methods to better understand complex interactions in the context multi-risk analysis in order to prevent future natural disasters.

In addition to the presentation and discussion of the results of all project partners, the two-day meeting will focus on the presentation of the showcases. The research project pursues an iterative development approach to develop components for a multi-risk information demonstrator and to integrate the actual requirements of the respective end users.

In a first step, showcases are developed, which show all components of a complex risk situation on the basis of a fictitious event. From the perspective of What would happen if ...? individual components and functionalities of the planned demonstrator are described: an earthquake triggers a tsunami, which in turn damages critical infrastructure. Exposure and vulnerability are dynamic variables that need to be mapped accordingly.

In addition to the interactive presentation of the envisaged functionalities, a proof of concept will be carried out for a selected part of the process chain in order to demonstrate the functionality of interfaces and to check the technical feasibility.

This year's annual meeting represents an important milestone in the project RIESGOS, as the work will be presented later this year in user workshops in Chile, Ecuador and Peru. The next development steps will be defined jointly with the South American research partners.