Strengthen sustainable mobility research

Sustainable mobility requires strong research that develops innovations and puts them to the test in practice. The BMBF is therefore strengthening mobility research with two funding announcements under the research agenda Sustainable Urban Mobility, for which 34 million euros are available in this legislative period.

The funding announcements will develop innovative municipal model projects (MobilitätsWerkStadt 2025) and new systemic approaches for innovative mobility concepts of the future (MobilitätsZukunftsLabor 2050).

The research agenda establishes mobility as a new thematic focus of the flagship initiative Zukunftsstadt. It is the basis and the strategic framework for the promotion of research as well as the innovation policy support of the BMBF in the area of systemic urban mobility and is coordinated by the DLR Project Management Agency, Social-Ecological Research. It integrates the results of participatory consultation processes in which many experts from science, communities, business and civil society have introduced their perspectives, needs and ideas, i.a. the agenda process for the thematic development of social-ecological research.