Using Remote Sensing for efficient Water Management in Agriculture

Second event in the webinar series on the GRoW funding measure

Agriculture is the largest water consumer worldwide. Efficient water management in agriculture is therefore essential for food security and has a large impact on overall water availability. Remote sensing data and global data sets provide easily accessible information to allow for evidence-based and comprehensible forecasts of water demand and availability.

Over the last years, joint projects of the BMBF funding measure "Water as a Global Resource" (GRoW) have developed new approaches using remote sensing for improving local and global water management, and especially for better forecasting in agriculture, hereby ultimately contributing to increased food security.

In this webinar, partners from the GRoW projects ViWA, GlobeDrought und MedWater will share specific knowledge on products that they have developed to use remote sensing for efficient water management.

The webinar is presented in English.

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