Wandercoaching: students for sustainable universities

Universities bear the responsibility for social challenges. In order to be able to develop solutions for climate change, scarcity of resources and biodiversity losses, universities need to be transformed according to the guiding principle of sustainable development.

By funding the “Wandercoaching“ programme since 2014, the Sustainability in Science Initiative (SISI) supports the peer-to-peer learning programme that aims at increasing students’ knowledge and capacity about sustainability at universities. The programme is managed by the association netzwerk n e.V.
Student initiatives can contribute a large share to the transformation of universities following the concept of sustainable development. They act as change pioneers and mobilize the universities’ public, demand necessary reforms and provide innovative impetus.
In order to develop the full potential of the student groups and initiatives, both existing and emerging ones, the ‘Wandercoaching’ programme facilitates mutual learning: students who already bring experience, skills and knowledge with them are trained to become ‘Wandercoaches’ to support other student groups in their efforts to make their university more sustainable. All groups together contribute to the bottom-up process of the transformation of universities.  


The ‘Wandercoaching‘ programme is a peer-to-peer learning programme, where student initiatives are textually, strategically and methodologically trained. It is comprised of a several months long company and support by two coaches. Together with both coaches, the initiative deals with questions around the topic of “universities and sustainable development”, works on a mutual vision and develops a concept of a sustainable university. Furthermore, new projects are planned and initiated during the coachings.

‘Wandercoaches’ are motivated and committed students, who have been collecting a large set of skills and expertise through the work at their own university. They receive a textual and methodological training and ‘wander’ from one student initiative to another, in order to support them.

konferenz n – universities in sustainable development
Once a year, the association netzwerk n invites students, representatives from university and science policy as well as the interested public to a three-day conference. Student initiatives have the possibility to present their projects, concepts and visions of education for sustainable development are discussed and political ideas are formulated.

platform n
On our online platform, different initiatives, projects and individuals organize themselves. They can all network and connect themselves, both on the regional and state level and can uses various tools to work on their projects. The platform offers a set of project management tools that enables group work: users can exchange news, upload documents, work simultaneously on documents, create a calendar and work on administrative issues.

About netzwerk n
netzwerk n e.V. is dedicated to support the transformation of universities according to the guiding principle of sustainable development in the areas teaching, research, operation and governance. To achieve this goal, the association brings together (PhD) students and other actors of the science system. netzwerk n offers a networking platform and enables the exchange of knowledge and experience. On the other hand, it actively influences and shapes science policy.