Working Together for the City of the Future – Kick-Off-Event of the BMBF future campaign

The Kick-Off-Event on 9 February 2017 in Berlin marks the start of the international research marketing campaign City of the Future. Under the name Shaping the Future – Building the City of Tomorrow the campaign continues the national Science Year 2015 on a global level.

The world's urban populations already outnumber those in rural areas. This trend is set to continue: In just a few years' time, two-thirds of the people on earth will be living in cities. The growth of urban populations goes hand in hand with increasing amounts of energy and resources. How do we respond to this development? What can we do to ensure viable and sustainable urban environments?

10 networks with partners from research, industry and municipalities in Germany are promoted as part of this BMBF future campaign in order to present and network their work in the field of the city of the future at an international level. The countries that are the main focus of the campaign are China, India, Vietnam, Colombia and the USA.

The activities of the BMBF are aimed at further increasing awareness and visibility of Germany as an attractive country for education, research and innovation under the brand Research in Germany – Land of Ideas. With the future campaigns for theme and country priorities, the BMBF has created an international platform for the German research landscape. These contribute significantly to strengthening the image and awareness of Germany as a research location abroad.

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