emplement! Empowering urban regions for cooperative, synergistic and practical implementation of sustainability and resilience strategies considering the urban-rural nexus

The emplement! project seeks to develop methods and tools that are suitable for supporting relevant actors in urban regions to efficiently transfer their sustainability and resilience strategies into appropriate implementation measures.

In Vietnam, as in almost all countries in Asia, rapid urban growth poses major challenges to cities and their surrounding regions. The emplement! project aims to develop transferable methods and tools as well as the necessary capacities to empower the relevant actors in the city of Da Nang and the neighbouring province of Quang Nam to adequately address these challenges and to transmit their sustainability and resilience strategies and corresponding plans into practical and synergetic measures. In doing so, city and province are not considered separately, but with special attention to their systemic interdependencies. With the emplement! approach, spatial, actor-, policy-, technology- and process-related components are integrated for this purpose.

The close cooperation in the context of the city-rural-region helps to anchor the aspects of sustainability and climate protection in the urban region and strengthen resilience against drought, flooding, saltwater intrusion, among others. Considering the economic and social importance for Da Nang and Quang Nam and their direct competition for resources such as water, energy or land, but also the synergy potential, the work in emplement! concentrates on the four fields of action tourism, agriculture/ forestry, industry, and built environment - with the focus on implementation processes in the field of supply and disposal infrastructure. This includes in particular environmentally friendly technologies for water supply, wastewater, energy, solid waste and "safe food". Implementation processes, including those of emplement! pilot projects, are scientifically accompanied and analysed using methods developed or adapted for this purpose within the framework of applied implementation research. Conceptual, technical and trans-sectoral synergies between the four fields of action, as well as in the city-regional context, are taken into account.


Project lead:

Oliver Assmann / Dieter Steinbach
Waldburgstraße 96
D-70563 Stuttgart

Tel.: +49 (0)711-7355282
E-Mail: info@at-verband.de


Project partners:

  • IZES gGmbH – Institut für ZukunftsEnergie- und Stoffstromsysteme
  • Ostfalia Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften
  • Universität Hohenheim
  • Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  • Universität Tübingen
  • Da Nang University of Science & Technology
  • Quang Nam University
  • Danang Institute for Socio-Economic Development
  • People's Committee of Quang Nam
  • UN-Habitat Vietnam
  • Da Nang University of Architecture


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