TransProMinC - Transformable Decentral Production for Local Economies with Minimized Carbon Footprint

Minimizing the carbon footprint by renewable resources leads to challenges coming from accompanying changes of the type, amount and location of these. At the same time transformable, modular production concepts of the process industry are currently in the focus of research.

Hence, this project combines these concepts with a system approach of local economies which consists of five elements minimizing the carbon footprint: the transformable production systems itself, local bio-based resources, CO2 as a raw material, energy production from renewable resources and decentralized networks.

Project Objectives
The overall aim of this project is to show the feasibility, sustainability and profitability of this idea and close technological, conceptual and methodological decision making gaps. To achieve these four objectives, corresponding work packages are included: Firstly, the potential and applications are analyzed by literature reviews, interviews with experts and multiple criteria analyses. Secondly, transformable plants are designed for the selected cases of the first objective. Because transformable separation tasks pose the biggest challenge, a modular absorption and a distillation system is developed and analyzed experimentally.
Thirdly, transformable logistic systems to supply these apparatuses and plants and distribute the products are designed. The logistics modules are described in a catalogue together with the production modules. Based on this, planning methods to (re)configure these systems with simulation methods on site and mathematical optimization in the network are developed. Finally, these developments in the context of the mentioned system approach are assessed. Profitability is assessed with total cost of ownership and net present value analyses, flexibility with real option analyses and sustainability with focus on the carbon footprint.

Project Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Lier
South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences
Lindenstr. 53, 59872 Meschede / Germany

Tel: +49 291 9910 4211


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