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BiodiWert - Valuation and preservation of biodiversity in politics, economy, and society

The loss of biodiversity is progressing dramatically due to human impacts. We are thus endangering the basis for human well-being and economic activity. We therefore urgently need new conservation concepts, management methods and approaches that make clear the value and importance of biodiversity and intact ecosystems, as well as the costs of their destruction.

Protecting biodiversity ensures human well-being and economic prosperity. Today, we benefit in many ways from the existing species richness and the associated ecosystem services. They enable sustainable agriculture and secure our food supply. Ecosystems provide humans with essential products such as clean groundwater and drinking water or medicinal agents. Nature is our recreational space and increases the quality of life in the city and in the countryside. At the same time, biodiversity protects ecosystems against droughts and storms. It stabilises forests and thus the climate. Scientific findings show that the destruction of natural habitats by humans increases the risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases and pandemics. Economic performance also depends on functioning ecosystems.

Research to increase the appreciation and safeguarding of biodiversity

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding projects under the funding measure "Valuing and Safeguarding Biodiversity in Politics, Business and Society" (BiodiWert) that increase the value of ecosystem services and biodiversity at the corporate and societal level by developing innovative valuation concepts, governance structures and (policy) measures – and thus effectively contribute to the safeguarding biodiversity.

Within the framework of the funding measure, after a one-year concept phase, 17 research projects start a research and implementation phase of up to three years. The research is highly application-oriented. Practice partners from industry, trade, agriculture, municipalities, public administration and civil society are involved in the projects. In this way, the results of the research can develop immediate practical relevance and contribute directly to the conservation of biodiversity in Germany.

The funding measure is part of the BMBF's "Research Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation" launched in 2019. It complements the existing funding for social-ecological research and natural science research on biodiversity.

The funding measure is jointly supervised by the DLR Project Management Agency, Department of Social-Ecological Research (Dr Carmen Richerzhagen and Dr Laura Tydecks) and VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH (Dr Felix Frey).

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