Sustainable Water Management Scholarship Program

The aim of the scholarship program is the promotion of young scientists from selected countries. They have the opportunity to study or to carry out PhD projects. Additionally, German research institutes have organized summer schools.

The focus of the DAAD scholarship program "Sustainable Water Management" funded by the BMBF is the promotion of young scientists from Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Brazil and Namibia. It is directly linked to the Sustainable Water Management focus within the "Research for Sustainable Development" (FONA) framework program. BMBF funds research projects designed to develop, adapt and disseminate technologies and strategies for the sustainable management of water as a resource. The scholarship program is carried out in two lines.

Since 2012, the program line "Study and Research Fellowships for Foreigners" has offered a total of 107 students and 64 PhD students from the above-mentioned countries the opportunity to study in selected Master's degree programs or to carry out their own doctoral project in Germany. They also gain an insight into the German water management sector through a 3 to 6 months internship.

In a second program line, German research institutions are given the opportunity to organize summer schools with participants from the above-mentioned countries. Through the scholarship program, a total of 18 summer schools with 337 participants have been carried out.

The DAAD scholarship program "NaWaM" will run until 2024.

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