Tallest Measurement Tower opened in Brazil

325m tall climate-monitoring tower inaugurated in the Amazon / Wanka: ATTO will help protect our planet's green lung

On 22 August, 2015, representatives from Brazil and Germany inaugurated the “Amazonian Tall Tower Observatory” (ATTO), a joint project, that was launched in 2009 with the aim of improving climate models.

ATTO was built roughly 150km north east of Manaus in the largest continuous area of rainforest worldwide. Following its ceremonial presentation to the scientific community it will be used to gather data on climate variations at different heights, and to analyse and improve our understanding of the overall impact of the Amazon rainforest on the global climate.

At 325m ATTO is the  tallest climate research tower in Latin America. Built in an area of rainforest untouched by human interference, its height and location will allow German and Brazilian scientists to monitor the climate at various atmospheric levels. The data gathered on the greenhouse gas balance and the complex interaction between the surface and the atmosphere will improve our understanding of climate relevant chemical and physical processes in the Amazon region, providing new foundations for climate protection.

ATTO will be integrated into an existing structure of smaller Brazilian research towers. The cost for the construction of ATTO, including the first five years of running costs, is estimated to be 8.4 million Euros. The project will be financed by Germany and Brazil in equal parts. It will be run in cooperation by the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and Biogeochemistry, the Brazilian National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA), and the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA).

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