Three-dimensional Observation of Atmospheric Processes in Cities (3DO)

Project Objectives
Comprehensive data on weather, climate and air quality for large cities are still only sparsely available today, in particular in terms of multi-year and multidecadic atmospheric long-term observations. In the 3DO subprojects, existing observation data are therefore processed, as well as missing data are collected by means of new long-term observations and intensive-measurement campaigns with a high-resolution, highly accurate instrumentation. Here, weather, aerosol and air pollution measurements are carried out in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. The aim of the measurements is a three-dimensional recording of the city atmosphere.
In addition, new concepts for experimental investigations in cities and the integration of observation and model data are developed in 3DO. Concepts for model validation and reference data are also being developed. The focus of 3DO is also on the development and testing of analysis tools as well as an integration platform.

In addition to specific modeling within the 3DO project, model evaluation of the city-climate model to be developed together with module A (MOSAIK, see above) and application tests together with module C (KliMoPrax / UseUClim, see below) will be carried out.

Project Management
Prof. Dr. Dieter Scherer
Technische Universität Berlin
Department of Ecology
Chair of Climatology
Rothenburgstr. 12
12165 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 314 71356


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