Agenda Conference Social-Ecological Research

A new agenda process has been launched in the funding priority Social-Ecological Research.

Außenansicht des Kongress Palais Kassel mit dem Holger-Boerner-Platz im Vordergrund (Kassel Bilddatenbank, Kassel Marketing GmbH)
Kongress Palais Kassel, Haupteingang Holger-Boerner-Platz
photo: Kassel Bilddatenbank, Kassel Marketing GmbH

The focus is on the development of new topics for the future. As in the last agenda process in 2011/12, such research topics were developed in a technical discussion that took place last year. Meanwhile, an open list of thematic papers has been prepared, which have been presented and discussed in June as part of an online consultation aimed at science, civil society and practice practitioners:

It is about the future topics and research questions as well as the further development of the future, also methodical orientation in the field of societal sustainability research. On the basis of the online consultation, the discussion will continue at the agenda conference of social-ecological research on 19 and 20 September 2018 in Kassel.

Registration: The conference is fully booked and registration is unfortunately no longer possible.