MiKlip II Annual Meeting 2017

Location: Harnack Haus in Berlin.

Registration: Register here. Last day to register: 31 January 2017

Accomodation: More information can be found on the internal pages. Blocked hotel rooms expire on 17 January 2017

All work packages are expected to provide at least one poster. The focus of the poster should be on scientific results, thus as a rule of thumb each MiKlip scientist should provide one poster (i.e. more than one poster for some work packages). In order to arrange the posters in appropriate sessions, please provide a title and a very short abstract (2-3 sentences or a short list of key words would be enough) to freja.vamborg@mpimet.mpg.de by the 31st of January.

Talks and Break-out sessions

These are still in discussion. If you have a wish for a specific topic to be covered by either a talk or to be discussed in a break-out session, please get in touch.

Wednesday 1 March

  • 09:00-12:00 Module C and module D meeting

12:00 beginning of general meeting

  • 12:00-13:00 Lunch and registration for all
  • Afternoon: Talks and poster session
  • Evening: Dinner for all at the Harnack House

Thursday 2 March

  • Morning: Talks and poster session
  • Lunch: for all
  • Afternoon: Break-out groups
  • Evening: Dinner in restaurant, participants pay individually

Friday 3 March

  • Morning: Talks and discussion
  • Lunch: for all

End 15:00 at latest

  • Afternoon: Steering committee meeting